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WATCH: Fired Director of US cyber agency says 2020 election was “most secure in American history”



Showing up on an hour, Chris Krebs, the previous overseer of the organization dealing with political decision security guarded the honesty of the 2020 Presidential political race.

Krebs contended “paper voting forms enable you to review, to return and check the tape and ensure that you got the tally right.”

He added “that is truly one of the keys to progress for a safe 2020 political race. 95% of the polling forms cast in the 2020 political decision have paper polling forms.”

He proceeded “that enables you to demonstrate that there was no noxious calculation or hacked programming that changed the count of the vote.”

“That truly altogether, as I would see it, exposes a portion of these electrifying cases out there that I’ve called garbage and a lie, that there is some hacking of these political decision sellers and their product and their frameworks the nation over. It’s… it’s hogwash,” he added.

In light of Krebs’s appearance, President Trump tweeted Sunday “@60Minutes never approached us for a remark about their strange, uneven story on political race security, which is a global joke. Our 2020 Election, from ineffectively appraised Dominion to a Country FLOODED with unaccounted for Mail-In voting forms, was likely our most un-secure EVER!”


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