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WATCH: Giuliani “The public has only a small idea of the kind of evidence we have”



Showing up on Newsmax TV, Trump legal advisor Rudy Giuliani gave a refreshed on the Trump group’s fight in court.

“We don’t have a great deal of time. We have a ton of proof,” Giuliani said “we don’t have a ton of time. What’s more, we’re confronting a significant control, so it’s exceptionally difficult to get this data out to general society. General society has just a little thought of the sort of proof we have.”

“The circumstance in Michigan was more regrettable than the circumstance in Pennsylvania. The circumstance in Wisconsin was ridiculous,” he proceeded ” I mean they have all these non-attendant voting forms without applications. In Nevada, they utilized a machine that fundamentally didn’t work and release each mark through, despite the fact that it’s unlawful to utilize a machine. I mean they cheated in all the spots that were basic to them. What’s more, you realize they did, on the grounds that Trump was the path ahead the evening of the political decision.”

He added “It’s incomprehensible that (Joe) Biden would have returned each and every one of those spots. Incomprehensible.”


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