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Dan Crenshaw argues “the 2020 election chaos is embarrassing & must be fixed” in tweet storm



Saturday, Texas Republican legislator Dan Crenshaw called for political decision change pushing ahead.

He tweeted “(1/4)The 2020 political race turmoil is humiliating and should be fixed. Political race respectability must be a need at each degree of gov’t pushing ahead. The respectability of decisions must act naturally apparent, a sealed shut cycle that withstands investigation, where nobody can conceivably address results”

(2/4) The 2005 bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform should be a guide. – Voter ID (enlistment and vote) – Universal enrollment framework, driven by states, to forestall twofold enrollment and non-resident democratic. – Limited mail-in democratic

(3/4) 4 out of 5 Americans favor Voter ID. It is good judgment. Endeavors should be made toward getting individuals an ID on the off chance that they don’t have one, not subverting our political decision framework by not needing it.

In the 2020 official essential, 550k mail-in voting forms were tossed out. Inappropriately stamped, jumbled marks, and so on One can infer that (1) legitimate votes were tossed out or (2) political race authorities identified misrepresentation and disposed of the voting form. End: limit this temperamental practice.


One Twitter client answered, “going to the gathering late?”

Crenshaw answered “You’d be living under a stone to finish up I haven’t been discussing political race respectability for quite a long time. I have.”

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