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Ted Lieu calls Trump’s pardon “corrupt” says “Congress needs to hold Michael Flynn accountable”



Showing up on MSNBC, Democrat official Ted Lieu called President Trump’s absolution of Michael Flynn “degenerate” and said “Congress needs to consider Michael Flynn responsible”

“I do accept that Congress needs to consider Michael Flynn responsible,” Lieu said “Yet we should initially be thankful that Michael Flynn was, truth be told, terminated and didn’t fill in as public security consultant throughout the previous four years since that would have been a degenerate catastrophe. That is in enormous part because of the polished methodology and difficult work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I need to laud the FBI for their examination concerning Michael Flynn.”

“This absolution itself is degenerate,” he added “I concur with Chairman Nadler that he was hung an exoneration. That is the reason he stayed quiet and didn’t implicate Donald Trump. In any case, since the exoneration has occurred, his Fifth Amendment right with respect to this issue disappears, and Michael Flynn will currently need to affirm about what Donald Trump knew identified with Russia.”

Taking to Twitter, Lieu expressed “Michael Flynn submitted a crime. Yet, since he is a companion of @realDonaldTrump, he gets uncommon treatment no standard individual gets, similar to an absolution. This is the sort of conduct that made citizens fire @POTUS, in light of the fact that Trump consistently put himself and his tip-top companions over America.”

He included an ensuing tweet “For those applauding the Flynn pardon, comprehend the point of reference being set: in future Administrations, both Democratic and Republican, authorities would now be able to lie during law implementation examinations and afterward get an acquittal from the President.”

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