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Joe Biden Allegedly Gearing Up For A ‘Delightfully Boring’ Upcoming Administration — Media Gushes



“The greatest move” in Washington in January won’t just be that Democrats are taking the White House. It will be that the Biden organization will be — as Brendan Buck depicted — ‘brilliantly exhausting,'” as per The Daily Caller.

“IN OTHER WORDS, if the TRUMP White House resembled bringing down a tank of Tabasco sauce in the course of recent years, the BIDEN White House will resemble tasting unflavored almond milk.”

“The most wonderful portion of President-elect Biden’s mission and early picks for places of genuine force is the average — and unsurprising — nature of his huge moves.”

Axios said Biden “is fixated on taking strength and ordinary mental soundness back to the administration.”

“It seemed like we are being safeguarded from this absurdity that we’ve all survived from the most recent four years and nowhere are the superheroes to come and spare us all.”

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