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Celebrities fume and vent over Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynn



While Michael Flynn, his family, and traditionalists were appreciative to President Trump for his absolution, the equivalent couldn’t be said to a large number of liberal Hollywood big names, who assaulted Trump for the move.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” Performer Bette Midler expressed “The criminal exonerates the trickster.”

“Who’s the Boss?” Actress Alyssa Milano asked “You’re not astounded that Trump exonerated Michael Flynn, right?”

She at that point added “Hey now. He will exonerate every one of these butt faces.”

Movie producer Rob Reiner stated “A Criminal exonerates another Criminal who perpetrated Federal Crimes to shield the other Criminal from his Federal Crimes.

3:30 PM · Nov 25, 2020”

Entertainer Patricia Arquette answered Trump straightforwardly with “#RussiaFirst”

Entertainer Daphne Zuniga stated “Criminal turkey pardon”

Frightfulness author Stephen King stated “The evildoer acquitted the hooligan. Nothing unexpected there.”

“Selma” Filmmaker Ava Duvernay stated “You’re a hooligan and a convict. You’ll never encounter genuine euphoria, harmony, and honor in your life. You and your kindred hoodlums will never be absolved from the derision and scorn of… *checks notes*… most of the individuals in this nation and around the globe.”

“Star Wars” entertainer Mark Hamill expressed “Exculpation THIS:”

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