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Whoopi Goldberg Is Accusing President Trump Of ‘Attempting A Coup’ By Challenging Election Results



Whoopi Goldberg stated, “There’s so much misinformation coming out about these insane legal disputes that he continues doing, and what’s going on in Michigan at the present time.”

“That is to say, it seems like they’re endeavoring an upset to me, Sunny. I realize everyone would not like to hear that, yet that is the dictator’s main event when they attempt to state this political race wasn’t genuine. I will attempt to transform it. What do you believe is occurring, Sunny, especially in Michigan and in Georgia?”

Radiant Hostin stated, “I need to concur with you on that, Whoopi. It seems a lot like what we find in nations where there are tyrants. We see these upsets. We see these endeavors to truly take races, and I believe that is what we’re seeing here.”

“What’s fascinating pretty much all the lawful cases, you talk around 30 something odd legitimate cases. None of them have been effective, none of them. Indeed, in Pennsylvania in government court, the appointed authority stated, this needs—it has no proof. It needs merit,” she added.

“You know, they have been kind of removed from courts, snickered at, they have been excused, but then they proceed and keep on doing it.”

“I figure he would be fruitful, President Trump, in three states. There’s simply no chance that that will occur, and it includes just scarcely any votes that I believe no doubt about it.”

“I think what we’re seeing is a president endeavoring to take a political race to topple results, and moreover disappoint electors of shading.”

Goldberg reacted, “I’m heartbroken. This is an endeavored upset. This is dictators’ specialty when they need to remove a nation from its kin.”

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