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Hours After FBI Arrests Roger Stone – Mueller’s Case Falls Apart

Mueller thought he was surrounding Trump – at that point, Roger crushed his arrangement to pieces.

Early Friday morning, previous Trump counsel Roger Stone was attacked by a group of FBI operators. Outfitted like a SWAT group, these feds assaulted his home, as though he were a hazardous crook.

CNN simply “occurred” to be there.

Stone has been pounded by Mueller for the soil on Trump. On numerous occasions, Stone has would not betray the president (like Michael Cohen) to spare his own skin.

He was captured for “wrongdoings” that both James Comey and Hillary Clinton submitted, yet got no punishments.

Be that as it may, Stone, consistent with his name, isn’t disintegrating – rather he’s as of now destroying Mueller’s case.

From Red State Observer:

BREAKING: Speaking to the press in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Roger Stone says he will argue not blameworthy, calling the arraignment “politically roused”.

We don’t need to strain our cerebrums to perceive what is truly going on.

Mueller is attempting to hit Stone with exaggerated charges, with expectations of forcing him to sell out the president.

Offer in the event that you think Roger Stone is guiltless and Mueller ought to be closed down, for the last time!

Stone has just been vindicated over Russian “conspiracy.” He isn’t being charged overplotting or working with Russia (since he didn’t).

Mueller is hitting him with process violations, identified with misremembering subtleties when showing up before the House.

This is a sham hit work, more proof that Mueller’s test is a witch chase. The D.C. swamp still figures they can stop Trump.

They keep on pushing the untruth that he intrigued with Russia, with expectations of expelling him from office.

Fat possibility.

Mueller exaggerated his hand when he captured Stone. He isn’t a quitter or trickster like Cohen. He won’t deceive outline, Trump.

He’s as of now out on bond and getting out reality.

By arguing not blameworthy, it will constrain the case to go to preliminary. In excess of a couple of skeletons will come tumbling out.

It will just damage the Democrat’s and Mueller’s group.

Stone isn’t a man to be disturbed. He knows where the notorious bodies are covered. Furthermore, if Mueller figures he can execute him over his continuous faithfulness to Trump, Mueller’s in a difficult situation.

Offer on the off chance that you think Roger Stone is guiltless and Mueller ought to be closed down, unequivocally!

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