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Pelosi Declares Her New Allegiance – Nancy Just Voted To Protect Other Countries, But Not The USA

Nancy just uncovered who she’s putting first – and it’s not Americans.

Since Trump entered the office, Nancy Pelosi has restricted his motivation. In any case, all that Trump needs to do is put Americans first.

Are Democrat needs so lopsided that they would prefer not to support Americans?

Presently the House Democrats just as of late decided on a major spending bundle. The cash will go to support vital tasks that will secure numerous lives.

The program? Everything goes to nations abroad, not America.

From CNS News:

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has cast a ballot to support endeavors to “improve the fringe security” of Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia while moving to deny all subsidizing to construct dividers, fencing or some other structures to upgrade the outskirt security of the United States…

[T]he Democrat-controlled House is progressing optional apportionments charges that would spend more than $1 trillion of every one year, however, give zero dollars to assemble physical boundaries [on the U.S. Southern border].

You read that right, people. The Democrats cast a ballot to send cash to the Middle East to improve outskirts security.

Be that as it may, they won’t burn through one red penny on ensuring our fringe.

Indeed, they won’t spend more cash to give extra Border Patrol officials, not to mention a divider!

Simply consider that. Pelosi knows the consequence of an unprotected fringe.

How would we know this? Since she simply endorsed sending money to different nations to secure their fringes.

Are Jordanians and Egyptians more significant than Americans, Nance?

We have a lot bigger fringe than those nations. The United States is a lot greater objective for outskirts issues.

For what reason don’t we get any money to ensure they don’t enter the U.S.?

Hello Nance, you simply burned through cash to secure the outskirt of people groups that don’t have any acquaintance with you or owe you anything.

However, the individuals whose duty dollars pay your pay get nothing?

Offer on the off chance that you ponder different nations than America!

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